Consultancy Solutions

for planning, human resources, management, legal strategies and distribution networks building :

  • Recruiting of sales people and Medical Representatives.
  • Manage and monitoring sales force
  • Monitoring distribution network in the target markets
  • Risk Management

We give precise answers and comprehensive business plans that cover all our suppliers’ queries including:

  • What is the market size – value-wise and unit-wise?
  • How many competitors in their segment and Therapeutic Class?
  • What market share can be achieved?
  • When break-even-point is achievable?
  • What is the best selling price, margins, coefficient factor, etc.?
  • What are the registration requirements?
  • Is the packing is acceptable in the Middle East and Africa Region?
  • What are the key-success-factors?
  • Etc.

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Science Tribune and GoodLife
On August 15th 2015, GoodLife have signed the ...

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